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Louisiana Pellet Grills

 Mouthwatering flavor every time you barbeque! Cook with a wood pellet BBQ for that unmistakable BBQ flavor as well as the tenderness only convection cooking can give.

Dansons has created the definitive line of quality wood pellet barbecues for you to choose from. Forget the bland, tasteless results of propane or natural gas. Gone are the days when you had to babysit your steaks on the grill. With a Louisiana Grill, you can preheat, put your food on, close the hood and walk away. Imagine juicy, flavorful turkeys and roasts done with minimal effort! Nothing beats the wood fired taste of a Louisiana Grill.

Why Choose Louisiana Pellet Grills?

  • Taste – the flavored wood pellets reward your taste buds with a genuine wood fired taste
  • Easy to work with – Auto-igniter eliminates the need for fire gels and starter fluids
  • Convective cooking – Because the air is forced by combustion fan, you can achieve convective cooking with your Louisiana Grill. This eliminates the need for a rotisserie, gives more even cooking temperatures and allows your meat to retain its natural juices
  • Craftsmanship – the heavy duty construction, manufactured from 12-20 gauge stainless and aluminized steel, will make you see the difference between this top of the line barbecue versus the low end models
  • Why just grill? – With a Louisiana Grill, you can SEAR, BAKE, BARBECUE, SMOKE, ROAST AND GRILL your foods with amazing results

Standard Features

Many of the features are customer requested. Dansons listens to their clients’ requests and input in order to bring the best possible product to market.

  • heavy duty construction from the lid to the wheels/castors
  • double lined hood (better heat retention)
  • Grillmate or Flavor Guard to reduce flare-up
  • auto-igniter for easy operation
  • independent temperature and smoking controls
  •  cast iron grills that retain heat
  •  toper feed auger system for even fuel flow
  • choice between painted or stainless steel

We stock these Louisiana Grills

Check the manufacturer website for more product details.


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