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Problem Usual Cause Solution
System not operating – House circuit breaker tripped or in OFF position  – Reset circuit breaker on house breaker panel
Heater not operating – Water level too low, Heater mode not selected, No power to heater

 – Heater not operating

 – Add water to reach fill line on weir door

 – Refer to temperature/ heater functioning

 – See Control Instructions pg. 15

 – Check house circuit breaker

 – Contact dealer

Water not clean – Clogged or blocked floor suction of skimmer, Filter clogged (dirty), Poor water chemistry, Insufficient filtering time, Improper maintenance- High content of solids in water  – Clean floor suction/skimmer. Remove blockage, Clean or replace- See Maintenance section pg. 25

 –  Run Filtration mode longer

 – Contact dealer, see maintenance section, pg. 25, Use clarifier or drain and refill spa

Abnormal water usage  – Excessive evaporation and/or splashing  – Use spa cover and refill as necessary
Overheating  – High ambient temperature  – Contact dealer
Low water flow from jets  – Operating in FILTER mode, jets on low speed

 – Clogged or blocked suction or skimmer

 – Dirty filter

 – Jets in OFF position

 – Slice valves closed

 – Select hi-speed jets,

 – Clean floor suction/skimmer, remove blockage

 – Clean or replace filter

 – Open jets

 – Contact dealer

No water flowfrom jets  – Pump not primed

 – Adjustable jets turned off

 – House circuit breaker tripped, no power to system

 – Faulty pump or motor, Pump surges, slice valves closed

 – See Priming section, pg. 14

 – Reset circuit breaker at house panel

 –   Low water. Check level on weir door

 – Contact dealer

Noisy pump and motor  – Clogged floor suction or skimmer, Low water level, Damaged or worn motor bearing  – Clean floor suction/skimmer

 – Add water to normal water level (6″ or 15 cm below lip), Contact dealer

Water leakage from under spa  – Check unions & drain hoses  – Contact dealer
No air flow from jets  – Air control not open

 – Jet nozzle not seated properly

 – Jet nozzle missing

 – Open control, Check jet nozzles- Inspect  jet and replace as needed
Motor will not operate  – House circuit breaker tripped or in OFF position, 

 – Improper or defective wiring or electrical supply

 – Thermal Overload Protection switch tripped

 – Reset circuit breaker, auto reset after motor has cooled. Contact dealer if motor continues to cycle
The spa will not shut off  – Spa trying to heat, Spa is in filter cycle, Spa is in standard mode  – Check “Set Temperature” in standard mode, normal. No need to change. Check mode setting

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