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We’re Still Open! March 31st, 2020

Hey folks,
Ben from Urban Life here with an update. This is not an advertisement, but more of an FYI because this is a confusing time. 
As you may have seen, the government of Manitoba is ordering all non-essential businesses to close with some exceptions on April 1st.
Urban Life is taking the following steps:
  1.  We are offering free delivery on chemicals in town. Outside of Steinbach there may be a small fee. Please call in your order or to get more details.
  2. We will also do parking lot pickups if requested.
  3. Service is continuing as usual and we are still repairing tubs and booking pool openings, unless things change with the government’s rules.
  4. If you do decide you want a hot tub during this time, I’m happy to speak with you remotely, do virtual tours or arrange to meet you at the store for a private tour.
The store will be staying open for the time being. We have followed all the guidelines strictly and we NEVER have large amounts of people in the store. In most cases, you can come to the front, tell us what you need and we can get it for you without having to interact much. It is very easy to maintain space in our store and we are sanitizing everything after each customer.
According to the order put out, we are in the list of businesses allowed to stay open because we sell “consumer goods necessary for the safety, sanitation or operation of residences and businesses.”
We are also “A business that provides support and maintenance services, including urgent repair, to maintain the safety, security, sanitation and essential operation of institutional, commercial, industrial and residential properties.”
We are not doing this to make a buck or profit from this situation. 
For starters, those of us with pools & hot tubs know how important it is to keep them clean, safe and sanitized. For the last couple of weeks our customers coming in are relieved and thankful to see we’re open so they can get what they need to make their stay at home easier.
Secondly, it’s partly for our own survival. This virus is hitting businesses hard everywhere and it’s our goal to keep all our staff employed and to help our local community with the products and services we supply.
And we will not stand in the way of any staff who feel uncomfortable with working during this time. 
If things change and it is unsafe for us to remain open, we will gladly close our doors for the greater good and continue to deliver product as long as it is safe to do so.
With that said, I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe in these uncertain times. 
If you have any questions, please call the store or send me a message.